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  Why Should Christians Study Criminal Justice?

The Apostle Paul taught that sound doctrine and a proper understanding of law go hand in hand (First Timothy 1:8-11).

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     Criminal justice and the gospel are closely tied together and our parishioners will be more effective in their witness for Christ when they better understand this relationship (A criminal justice system is at the heart of the gospel story).   We also hope to encourage you to take a fresh look at newspaper, radio, and television crime stories and seize the opportunity to exploit them for the Gospel of Grace. 

 Our teaching is not only about criminal justice.  We also explore the ramifications of all of Godís Law and that what you believe about the Law will impact both your theology and daily living.  For example, how do you know what from Godís Law to apply to daily life or what not to apply?  How are Christians "not under the Law?"  

     Do you know that there is more than one type of law incorporated into the Law of Moses?  Which part is applicable to all civil governments?  We teach that by having a thorough understanding of the scope and purpose of each of the Ten Commandments, you can achieve a solid grasp for what should be our criminal law.  For example, we answer why the Salem Witch trails were a misapplication of the biblical law, even though the Bible plainly states that a witch should not be allowed to live. 

     If you like to study prophecy, then you may be surprised to learn exactly how the Law fits into future events.  If you are a bible student,  we hope to encourage you to take a fresh look at the Bible and think through concepts that you may have never pondered before, especially regarding criminal law and the Law in general.



 A couple of weeks before Tony Robinson made his first public presentation on Godís Criminal Justice System & The Law, he traveled to Washington D.C. and met with two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Sari Horwitz, a twenty year veteran writer on the Washington Post, and Del Wilber, crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun.  They gave him greater insight into behind the scene decisions made by news media on reporting crime and communicating national stories.  Both of these world-renowned reporters realized that people are willing to listen on matters related to law and crime.

He also had lunch with Pete Williams, Justice Correspondent for NBC and former press secretary for then Secretary of State (Vice President) Dick Cheney.  On the topic of crime reporting, Pete told him, ďIf it bleeds, it leads,Ē meaning that if injuries or deaths from criminal violence are involved, it will be top news and hold peopleís attention. 

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