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Our primary speaker, Tony Robinson, is a graduate of a military academy, and last served as an Army officer.  His last duty was as the Executive Officer and Communications Platoon leader in a Field Artillery Headquarters unit during wartime.  He  currently assist in protecting our national security and community safety as a federal agent.  A display highlighting one of his responses to a catastrophy is on display at the Smithsonian Institution until 2024.  He holds membership in several professional organizations, including ASIS International (American Society of Industrial Security), the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, the National Association of Technical Investigators, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and the Federal Law Enforcement Officer's Association.  He is also a Notary Public in the State of Alabamam.

He is also a graduate of formal training in biblical studies: B.A. Pastoral Theology; B.S. Church Ministries with a concentration in educational ministries.  He did graduate work in geology and taught high school Earth Science in the largest Science department in Louisiana (He is a young-earth creationist).   He also has additional undergraduate studies in the field of Electronic Engineering Technology.  He holds both SCUBA, SCBA, and aircraft pilot certification.  Many years ago he was in Wal-Mart management, and later Wal-Mart Loss Prevention.  For several years he was supervisor in a U.S. federal agency.   From 1995 until his move in 2000 to California, he was the Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors, Coast Guard Employees Credit Union, Hale Boggs Federal Building, New Orleans. 

He was among the many thousands of children taken to church in the 1970's via bus-ministries, but he was a believer prior to that time.  His first church staff position was as assistant pastor/youth director for J. Davis, long time associate and and co-worker of the late Lester Roloff at a church that both of them had planted early in their ministry.  He has been a church planter in the past, as well as having served in various pastoral staff positions over the past twenty-five years.  He used to host a radio program on a religious radio station, WVOG, in New Orleans. 

In 2004, he was  awarded  a performance award in federal law enforcement for "Sustained Notable Achievement" at Laughlin, Nevada, by his superiors.  He also was presented an "Achievement Award" by United States Attorney Debra Yang, Central District of California.

Launching a National Pro-Life Organization

  A few days before Thanksgiving, an invitation-only Pro-life Leaders Summit, hosted in Denver by Colorado Right to Life, was attended by 30 leaders, including Tony Robinson of Birmingham, Alabama.  Other attendees included: Alan Keyes, republican presidential candidate and former U.S. ambassador; Martin Scott, Georgia House of Representatives; John Lofton, host of the nationwide broadcast, The American View; Tom Euteneuer, president of Human Life International; Flip Benham, director of Operation Save America; and Judie Brown, co-founder of the  American Life League.

The Pro-life Leaders Summit gave attendees an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction towards the compromises that many pro-life organizations have made regarding the personhood of the unborn child.  Attendee John Archibold, co-founder of National Right to Life (NRTL), resigned from the NRTL board after it began endorsing legislation that ultimately legitimized certain abortion techniques, undermining the personhood of the pre-born.  “Any law that can be summed up as saying, ‘and then you can kill the baby,’ is an immoral law,” Archibold said,  “ and I refuse to choose the lesser of two evils, because it is still evil.” 

Dr. Levon Yuille, of Joshua’s Trail and director of the National Black Pro-Life Congress, spoke to the crowd about the devastating effect abortion has had on black Americans.  Dr. Yuille stated, “In some black communities, nearly two out of every three babies are murdered before they are born, but black pastors refuse to address the issue.  Even the NAACP shut down Alveda King,” niece of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “when she stood to talk on opposing abortion during its annual convention, because they do not want to admit that abortion is killing the black community.”  Dr. Yuille also pointed to statistics, such as those on “” and “,” showing that twice as many African-Americans have died from abortion than have died from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined.        

Tony Robinson, a pro-life activist in Birmingham, pointed out that when it comes to certain court sentencing, the justice system not only takes a look at a life in its present form, but considers what that life would have become if it was allowed to continue unimpeded.  “If someone intentionally mangles the hands of a student studying to become a brain surgeon,” Robinson said, “the judge, when setting restitution, would consider what that student could have made if he had become a surgeon.”  The significance of the victim’s life includes the value of what he would have become had the criminal attack not happened.  “If our laws protected the human life in the womb from attack by an abortionist,” Robinson noted, “our politicians might discover that the tiny human life in the womb would have a good chance of eventually becoming a registered voter in their district.  But in average African-American neighborhoods alone, as many babies are being killed by abortion as are being born.”   

Dr. Alan Keyes,, spoke to the group about capital punishment for convicted criminals.  Dr. Keyes also stated that he appreciates how science has advanced to the point of knowing exactly when physical life begins within the mother, and much about how that life continues to develop over several decades.  However, Dr. Keyes insisted that science will forever remain silent when it comes to declaring the significance of that life.  Dr. Keyes explained that the significance of life will always be beyond the understanding of science because the significance of life can only be seen when viewed from God’s moral perspective.  In other words, science can see that cells are multiplying after a sperm unites with an egg, but God, not science, can determine the value of that life.

During the summit, a new national pro-life organization was proposed by Bob Enyart, pastor of Denver Bible Church.  Enyart explained that besides taking a no compromise approach toward the personhood of the child, which begins upon fertilization, there are several things that will stand in contrast to other such groups.  “Leaders will serve without pay and without earning retirement plans,” Enyart said, “unlike the national right to life industry.”  To help ensure that the personhood effort is not commercialized to support pro-life leaders, the proposed by-laws call for the organization to disband after twelve years.  The organization will also be against abortifacients.  For example, the common birth-control pill contains an abortifacient as a secondary mechanism.  This abortifacient prevents the implantation of a zygote into the uterine wall, thus aborting the newly formed human life that is already sending the mother’s body a message crying for nourishment.  

By the end of the Pro-life Leader’s Summit, a new organization, American Right to Life, became a reality.  Brian Rohrbough was chosen from among the group to be the first president.  "'The concept that we're going to elect judges who will change everything has failed,' said Brian Rohrbough, a former president of Colorado Right to Life.  'The logical thing is to start with personhood because it's the only legitimate tactic that does not involve a compromise.”  To Rohrbough, the initiative has additional import.  A lifelong opponent of abortion, he took up the cause publicly after his son, Daniel, was killed in the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. 'The environment that happened at Columbine was created by a culture of death,” he said. 

Tony Robinson was one of the signers of the full page letter to Focus on the Family’s Dr. James Dobson, printed in the July 16, 2007, Birmingham News.  After a couple of years of private admonition to Dobson and Focus on the Family, many leaders decided to make a public statement.  The letter openly denounced Dobson’s support of the partial birth abortion ban because the so-called ban legitimized certain abortion techniques through regulation.  Robinson and other leaders pointed out that the pro-life industry has raised millions of dollars by promising patrons that a partial birth abortion ban would save lives, though top leaders knew such was not true.  In fact, according to Gonzales vs. Carhart, a technical partial birth abortion can still be performed under certain circumstances.  After the open letter was published in newspapers across the country, Dr. Dobson subsequently admitted that the regulation he fought for “does not save a single human life,” and that “abortion is still legal throughout nine months.”  Through the newly formed American Right To Life, the personhood wing of the pro-life movement will continue to oppose legislation and rebuke leaders who undermine the personhood of the child.  Their website, which launches this week, is “”

American Right To Life is currently assisting Colorado for Equal Rights in gathering signatures to place a personhood amendment before Colorado voters.  On November 14, 2007, Colorado for Equal Rights held a press conference featuring Alan Keyes announcing that the Colorado Supreme Court had made a favorable ruling on the personhood proposal, clearing the way for the measure to be brought before voters.

Contact: Kristi Burton, Colorado for Equal Rights Spokesperson, 719-661-8827,


Personality wise, Tony Robinson is an INTJ (a fraction of one percent of the population are INTJs).   Famous INTJs include:  C.S. Lewis (author); Raymond Burr (actor for Perry Mason/Ironsides); Charles Everett Koop (Surgeon General); and Chevy Chase & Dan Aykroyd (actors).



Q. Why do you sometimes say that you are “booked” when there are still empty dates on your calendar?

A. I refuse to sacrifice my family on the altar of ministry.  My first priority is to be a husband and then a father.  Like most preachers prior to the 20th Century, I am self supporting via a vocation, and have an obligation to ensure income to support my family.  Once I reach a certain projected workload, I consider a month to be completely booked.  

Q. Why do you advertise federal holiday weekends on your calendar?

A.  I can usually schedule several preaching or teaching seasons on such weekends, or provide a day of special services for a church without worrying about being back in the office the following day.  As such, I can travel further or visit longer when a federal holiday is included in the time frame.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. To avoid conflict of interests as a federal agent, I don’t charge anything for presentations or preaching.

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