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Dear Bill,


Thank you for responding on April 3rd to my previous letter. I found your concise description of the Christian Coalitions mission to be enlightening.


Your policy "to include only those candidates considered viable according to Federal Election Commission guidelines," stands in contrast to including candidates considered as viable options to Christians, despite their polling status. I commend you for being so forthright.


Your dedicated aim of making "people aware of various family and moral issues" is a honorable one. However, your scope on one end seems so broad to be guided by public opinion survey, and so narrow on the other as to allow Christianís to remain ignorant of candidates espousing godly principles because of faltering appeal in both public policy and public polls. This scope causes me to question your effectiveness of being unique. To me, the bottom lines appears as though you provide no voter information that is distinguishably separate from purely secular counterparts.


Can you give me a strong argument as to why any Christian wishing to avoid evil should support an organization whose goal is to "engage in educating and training concerned citizens in civic participation," when many common voter education programs are already doing such? Is the difference alone to be found in the namesake "Christian?"


The liability of evil thinking is that even the lesser of two evil actions is still evil. It is not as though a third option doesnít ever exist Ė it simply isnít presented by non-Christian coalitions.


Thank you again, Mr. Miles, for your thoughtful, concise, and timely response. I was greatly educated upon your focus and goals as voter educators.




2nd Life Member

Terrytown Civic Association


I used to be involved with the Christian Coalition in their early years.  They originally touted that they wanted people to know about Christian candidates.  Sadly, I later  learned about Christian candidates, like Howard Phillips and others, from the secular media, because the Christian Coalition refused to list them.  Their voter guides leave Christians ignorant of other bible practicing Christians seeking political office!  The qualifications of a bishop/pastor, in 1 Timothy chapter 3, are earmarks of what it means to be a mature Christian man.  With the requirement of being a man removed, these are qualities that every Christian should seek to achieve and are also the requirements that should be met when given the opportunity to choose who be over you deciding matters of morality (right vs. wrong, non-criminal vs. criminal).  Since non-believers are called anti-Christ by Scripture, trying to get an unbeliever into an official position to legislate is not something a mature Christian will endorse.  Paul also warns that putting a Christian into a position of such leadership when they have not yet attained a mature level of Christian walk will place them in danger of being snared by the devil.  Unfortunately, many of our leaders that profess to be Christians have been placed into office without them fulfilling Paul's list of qualifications for godly leadership, thus it is no wonder that they have succumbed to situational morality and produce bad laws or rulings.    

  • Alabama's coalition rejects teaching the biblical form of government and favors man made experiments with civil government.  They allow their American experience to color their perception of the bible instead of holding the Constitution as suspect and examining it under the light of Scripture.

  • Alabama's coalition lacks discernment upon the only biblically legitimate source of tax revenue.

  • Alabama's coalition has succumb to various ideas of socialism, such as Karl Marx's 10th Plank of the Communist party.  In doing so, the Christian Coalition of Alabama legitimizes the act of private citizens using the government to steal from their neighbor.  

  • Alabama's coalition knows more about the U.S. Constitution than the Bible, which is why they view themselves as strict constructionist.  Germany's judges under Adolf Hitler were also strict constructionists.  Strict constructionists endorse a philosophy of judicial interpretation that views the words of a constitution as literal and encourages an interpretation in keeping with the intention of the authors.  In other words, "it's right because the Constitution says it's right."  On the contrary, the original intent of the authors of the U.S. Constitution counted African Americans as only being a fraction of a real man - that's hardly a biblical foundation for civil government.  The Alabama Christian Coalition, by example, teaches to place man's word above the word of God, a view they will share with the Anti-Christ. 

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