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  During crime prevention presentations to neighborhood groups, we have been asked about mail scams and pornography in the mail.  Below are two regulations that have useful information about both problems.


  • Unsolicited Merchandise
    Federal law prohibits the shipment of unordered merchandise. Such a
    practice may constitute an unfair trade practice. Merchandise mailed in
    violation of U.S. Code may be treated as a gift by the recipient without
    any obligation to the sender. The laws governing this practice are
    enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. If a customer believes that
    they have received unordered merchandise in violation of federal law,
    they can contact the Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection at:
    WASHINGTON DC 20580-0001


  • Sexually Oriented Mail
    Section 3010 of Title 39 U.S.C. gives people a way to protect themselves
    and their minor children from receiving unsolicited sexually oriented
    advertisements through the mail. Customers may invoke the protection of
    section 3010 by:
    a. Completing Postal Service Form 1500, Application for Listing and/or Prohibitory
    Order, available at post offices.
    b. Filing the form with any postmaster or designated U.S. Postal Service representative.
    Customers may file for themselves or for their children under 19 who
    live with them or who are under their care, custody, or supervision. An
    authorized officer, agent, fiduciary, surviving spouse, or other
    representative may file on behalf of a corporation, firm, association,
    estate, or deceased or incompetent addressee. After a customer is on the
    list for 30 days, any mailer who sends them unsolicited sexually
    oriented advertisements is subject to criminal sanctions under 39 U.S.C.
    3011 and 18 U.S.C. 1735-371.
    This prohibitory order remains in effect for 5 years. To learn more, click here for a pdf brochure to download or write to:
    PO BOX 3744
    MEMPHIS TN 38173-0744

  •   Gun Control Brochure : This brochure, in pdf format, responds to several allegations made by gun control advocates.



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