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Preface 4
Why Should Christians Study Criminal Justice? 7
    Do Absolute Values Exist? 13
    Navigating an Ocean of Beliefs 21
    Is Godís Testimony Valid? 35
The Flow of Moral Authority 47
    The Rise of Situational Morality 57
    Natural Laws of Cause and Effect 71
    Evil Hypocrites or Chosen People? 79
Vengeance, Forgiveness, and Judging Others 85
    Church Discipline 93
    An Offensive Law 105
    Reaping Faith or Unbelief 113
Deterrence 121
    The Ordeal of Trial 131
    Here Comes the Judge 137
    Imprisonment 145
    Corporal Punishment and Restitution 155
    Capital Punishment 163
The Mosaic Code 177
    Three Branches of Torah Law 181
    Symbolic Law 187
    Manís Duty to Mankind 193
    God, Mercy, Faith, and Love 207
    Twenty Commandments 213
Every Facet of Everyday Life 219
    From Deadly Force to Passive Resistance 227
    Justinian Lawyers 241
    Two Wrongs Donít Make a Right 247
    Do Right and Risk the Consequences 251
Two Trees and Two Paths 261
    Reading Comprehension 279
    The Great Divide 287
    Christís Kingdom Principles 307
Not for the Body 317
    Identity Theft 323
    A Case of Mistaken Identity 329
    A Guilt Trip 335
A New Nation 339
    The Bride and The Body 345
    The Commission 355

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